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Mystic Dreams Enterprises is an Internet Business Solutions and Applications Provider (IBSAP), with a proven and successful track record. We also provide competent knowledge and expertise in the design, implementation, support and management of your personal or business web presence, e-business solutions and more. As well as PC / MAC hardware and software install, implementation and usage and full maintenance of all your computers. From personal desktop and laptop to full computer systems custom built for you... We can do it all!
  • Hosting Services:
    Mystic Dreams Enterprises is proud to once again offer hosting to the public on a limited basis. These accounts are limited due to the fact that we specialize in management and private hosting for business and individuals.

    We are not now, nor will we ever be a mass hosting provider! We concentrate on providing a smaller numbers of public clients and focus on what we do best... Provide excellent service, support, uptime and quality un-matched anywhere in the industry.
  • Design Services:
    Mystic Dreams Enterprises is your one stop design group. We do not believe you will find a better or harder working design group anywhere or at a better price. Let our design team build that website that truly expresses your personality and enhances your chosen content or business. A website that brings your business into the future way ahead of the rest.

    You have nothing to loose by getting in touch with us and seeing what we can do for you, your possible gain however is enormous.
  • Other Services:
    We also offer a full range of management and webmaster role accounts for those without the time, experience or an on staff IT professional. We can build, purchase a new computer or repair your current computer and ship it to you as a real "Plug n Play" with everything setup and configured.

    Software training on both Windows and MAC covering various titles from Microsoft, Apple and an array of other companies and titles.
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Mystic Dreams Enterprises is a complete Internet Business Solutions and Applications Provider. Please take a few moments to browse through our products and website to see just how easy running your website can be and how much we can do for you or your business today!