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Current Version: EzInvoice v6.02
Released: 9 January 2014

EzInvoice System
EzInvoice - Invoice Management System written in PHP and MySQL allowing you to create and manage customer invoices on your website with ease. To find out more, simply click on a main topic below to reveal more information on the system.
  • EzInvoice System
    EzInvoice's Administration Interface is designed to help you manage your estimates and invoices from inside or outside your website and help you setup a clean, professional invoice management system in a few easy steps. No complicated instructions, templates for this and that, settings for this area and that area, no one understands and... You get the point!

    • A completely self-contained estimate, invoice management system.

    • EzInvoice can manage all the estimate, invoice needs of your small to medium size business.

    • Designed to be used with your PayPal account.

    • Online access for ease of use for you and your clients.

    • Easy add, edit and delete of clients, estimates and invoices.

    • Built in MySQL Backup Function.

    • Built in theme support.

    • Built in notify and thank you functions for your clients.

    • Built in Calendar and Calculator for reference and ease of use.

    • Built in Random Password Creator to help you setup new client accounts.

    • Built in Password Recovery system for client accounts.

    • Old and New estimates and invoices stored online for 24/7 access by you or your clients.

    • And much, much more!
  • Simple install and use
    Why use huge, bulky, hard to use accounting systems When EzInvoice is so much easier, faster and less time and energy intensive than those others? Use the easy interface to setup each client, estimates and invoice to your needs. If you don't need all the features of a full blown accounting program... Things like inventory, employees, banking and the options are mind blowing for some of them! What if... All you really need is a simple, painless way to create clients, estimates and invoices for goods or services... Allow a simple way to let them know about the estimate or invoice and pay it... Provide an easy, online interface for both you and your clients... Not spend 20 minutes navigating through an endless array of stuff just to send an estimate or invoice by email to a client??? Then EzInvoice is for you!
    • Edit the config.php, then upload all files to your server.

    • Import the included .sql file into your MySQL Database.

    • Set chmod 777 or chmod 0755 on a few files/folders.

    • Login to the Admin Area and begin using EzInvoice!
  • Administrative functions
    • Built in admin login / logout process.

    • Ability to Add, Edit, Delete Clients, Estimates and Invoices.

    • Built Calendar, Calculator, Password Generator and MySQL Backup.

    • Built in Backup and Restore function for easy use and safe keeping.

    • Built in Pagination and Search function for easy use.

    • Company logo on client invoices.

    • A simple, easy to use invoice management system!

    • And much, much more!
  • Screenshot Demonstration
    The button below will launch a screenshot demonstration of EzInvoice to give you a visual idea of what EzInvoice looks like and the basics of how it functions. An active demo is not possible due to abuse, please download the fully functional trial version to test EzInvoice on your server.

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    Main Login Page
    Main Landing Page
    View Paid
    View Pending
    View Estimate
    Edit Pending
    Edit Estimate
    Add New
    Edit Client
    Edit Client Password
    Add New Client
    Contact Support
    Client Lsiting
    Notify Client Of Invoice
    Notify Client Of Estimate
    Client Landing
    View Client Invoice
    View Client Estimate
    View Cleint Paid Invoice
    Client Print View
    Client Contact Support
    Password Recovery System
  • Download Trial Version
    Click on the Download button below try the fully functional demo version of EzInvoice to see if it will fit your needs and run without error or issues on your server.
    Purchase a full registered version for only $32.00 using PayPal. Please try the demo before you purchase to make sure it will run and work fine on your server as NO REFUNDS are offered or allowed after purchase!
  • Purchase EzInvoice
    IMPORTANT NOTICE: As a 14 day trial version is offered, all sales of the registered version are Non-Refundable once the download link is generated and emailed to you. Please insure that the demo version works on your server before you purchase the full version. All versions of our software are encrypted, a sad but needed precaution to provide some level of protection against theft and piracy.
    EzInvoice: Invoice Management System
    EzInvoice's Administration Interface is designed to help you manage your estimates and invoices from inside or outside your website and help you setup a clean, professional invoice management system in a few easy steps. To purchase the registered version of EzInvoice, please enter your full name, email address and domain name below then add to cart.
    Important Information...
    NOTE: You will need to enter your full name, email address and the domain name you will run EzInvoice on as the registered version is tied to a domain name. Please insure you provide a working, reliable email address to contact you and send your instructions to. You should have your registered download link and instructions normally within 24 hrs or less after purchase. Free providers like Hotmail or Yahoo frequently have problems and mail can not be sent or received making it harder due to spam filters and more time consuming to send your key.
    Price: $32.00 US
    NOTE: Please do not forget to enter a valid full name, email address and domain name before pressing the Add To Cart button above! Also, please read the Important Information!
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The current DEMO is set to expire on the date listed above. Every 14 days a new download will be added set to expire 14 days later. The current version and release date are also listed above to help you keep track of version information. Please consider purchasing EzInvoice to help you easily manage your estimates and invoices from your website saving you valuable time and resources.